Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Sunday’s elections in Iraq will predictably be praised by Bush supporters and called a sham by his detractors. One thing will, however, be undeniable: Iraqi citizens, despite threats, will brave the polls displaying remarkable courage for the entire world to see. I wonder what this year’s record voter turnout would be if Americans had guns pointed at their heads.

Lots of bloggers will, no doubt, be giving their perspectives throughout the day, but I’ve found that Command Post is a great central resource.

UPDATE: Powerline passes along the results of a poll conducted by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning, which notes that:

53.3% said the security is good in their area.

21.7% said that security was average in their area.

25% said that security was bad in their area.

Hindrocket - "Not exactly the impression you would get from the American press."


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