Sunday, February 06, 2005


Well, my first DOPS prediction is in deep peril, as its two conditions are about to be met.

First, Sisyphean Musings has been promised a copy of the video tape from Mark Adams, head of media at the World Economic Forum. Why CNN doesn't come out with the tape first is beyond me, if for no other reason than to avoid the "cover-up" chatter. Next, Easongate goes live, hoping to be a clearinghouse of information. Occam's Razor is alive and well.

Watching Easongate gather steam all weekend is reminicent of the Kerry campaign paralysis when the Swift Boat ads first came out. This is a story that cannot be contained or managed when surrounded by curious, pajama-clad bloggers.

To all those professional PR folks in Atlanta: Get out in front of the story. Be clear. Answer questions and get it behind you.

You're welcome. No charge.

UPDATE: Jeff Jarvis says CNN did not tape the Davos panel, therefore there is no CNN tape to release. Sisyphean Musings has more. As do Rebecca MacKinnon (keep scrolling) and Michelle Malkin, who's scored some great interviews today.


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