Friday, February 04, 2005


Bold predictions from the Department of Pure Speculation:

  • The Eason Jordan Targeted Journalist Speech story will fade away despite valiant blogger-efforts to keep it alive. So far, it's missing two critical elements:
      - a video/audio tape of the Davos speech
      - a decent "-gate name".
    If either of those elements surface -- then it's game on!

  • An unhappy Yankee clubhouse will keep the New York sportswriters busy all summer.

  • Democrats will panic as the President's Social Security campaign starts to pay off. Bush is a great campaigner, loves it and has shown he can really connect. The Democrats have no spokesman right now. Dean's busy trying to wrest the party from the Clintonistas, Kerry is licking his wounds, Gore is silent (which is better then incoherent, I guess), and Pelosi and Kennedy are just too moon-batty to be taken seriously. This void has forced them to send out Charlie Rangel to fight the good fight. They need some fast-track training for Obama.

  • Michael Jackson (moon) walks.

  • Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's combination of smarts and charm will transform how America is perceived throughout the world, setting her up for an abundant political future. (2008-New York Governor, 2012-Potus)

By the way, Dr. Rice's wiki should make underachievers everywhere despair.

UPDATE: Go here


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